Asian Trampling


If you love trampling and you love petite Asian beauties, then you of course love Asian trampling. The exquisite visions of a hot and gorgeous tiny little Asian dominatrix with her red stiletto heels cutting and digging into your sensitive flesh on your back can be almost more than you can handle. Your Asian trampling mistress will exhibit some of the strongest force needed when she is standing on your back with those stiletto daggers.


Perhaps your trampling desire extends more into the area of a crush fetish. You can envision black patent leather thigh high boots also with dagger stiletto 6 inch heels; these heels can be seen crushing squishy, jelly like foods, light bulbs and sometimes even bugs. You just love that Asian trampling foot in that high heeled boot crushing and trampling over these objects and digging into your back flesh. 


Imagine that jet black hair swinging across the tiny small of her back while she crushes these objects and critters; that lightly mocha colored skin covered in a soft sheen of sweat while she stomps and shifts her light weight over you back so that it feels like 200 pounds along with that sharp stick from the heel.

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