Face Trampling


You love it when your hot ultimate femdom domme tramples anything in her bare feet or in her hundreds of spiky high heels and boots. Yet you may also be even more hardcore about trampling. Do you like face trampling? If you do, then you had better hold on for dear life when you find the ultimate femdom domme who tramples in any and all manners possible. She takes her delicate manicured feet and begins by walking violently across your back; she digs in her toes and shifts her weight. She is always on top in every BDSM moment. You often beg her to trample you.


She is the absolute best when it comes to face trampling. When you have been on your best behavior, then she occasionally will grace you with a hot and horny face trampling session. Those feet or spiky heels put marks all over your neck after punishing your back. When she reaches the facial area, you can be assured that your face trampling dominatrix will punish you with the utmost pain. Her spikes dig in; or her toes and nails dig in and crush your facial bones and make marks and bruises all over your sensitive face. 

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